America the last Gleaming Light is fading

America’s bright light is fading into history , not because of it’s peoples but because of a disease, the same disease reversed the Roman Empire when human beings become infected with this type of disease it’s incurable. It is arrogance self loathing hatred towards each other. All of the things that I founding fathers fought so bravely against we find ourselves today. Our nation is in the throes of its bitter past our leaders have become self-serving and the political state of our government is once again divided. For many Americans  sit in awl, some have even given up and most are walking around in the dream state, hoping and wishing that a true leader will emerge and point of nation back to its future as a shining light for the world to see. We have strayed away from the America that our         parents and grandfathers left us because of our social views and religious fervor. We have become more violent with each other and less respectful of the very law’s that have guided our great nation. As we sit and judge the rest of the world we often misjudge ourselves. The higher courts are in the hands of the same political leaders that are so self-serving and the courts themselves are not serving the public interest . The political parties have split into fractions of themselves, each vying for power nearly 3 years ago, we elected a president that was supposed to take our nation in a new direction, the American public was once again energize willing to roll up their sleeves to rebuild. Our economy and the way our government works for its people but those among the political mainstream with social views and religious ideology has stifled this emergent of energy and willingness to change the political landscape and now this president is in wonder himself of the misguided effort of a few to leave so me without rather than compromise for the whole of the nation.

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