GOP conservative tea party rhetoric a reality

America is now becoming a Third World nation because of the language we use in our political elections and rhetoric used by party members. I was reminded of the language. Sarah Palin used in the presidential election to reload that is a dangerous word for young minds to grasp whether it was used as a metaphor or in humor. It should have been reprimanded by the American news media as well as the GOP party, but instead it was praise by the right wing political groups. One being born out of the use of words. The tea party. In the past two days, the nation has been reeling from the news of the Congresswoman being shot in Arizona a wonderful Congresswoman a beautiful person. And as I watched the Sunday morning news program. I was reminded of all the rhetoric that has been used by our political leaders about each other and their parties as leaders in our democracy. They should be aware of the power they hold one member of the Republican Party at the president’s first State of the Union address made a statement that  was so brazen that he should’ve been impeached from Congress this breakdown in protocol should not have went without some kind of do diligent of Congress duty to the American public but yet it was swept under the rug and nothing was done. The American news media did not hold that Congressman to any type of scrutiny so on their part as a watchdog supposedly of public interest. They failed. This failure of Congress and of our leaders and scholars to sit idly by while democracy and the rule of law is trample on by one party is at the root of my assertions that America is becoming a Third World nation

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