American political arena

the American political arena has become more complicated than the European Union membership with three different parties vying for power in the House of Representatives. The leadership of the Republican Party will now face a daunting task to pay back its donors and big lobbyist. The promises they have made just as the president has a steep hill to climb in reissuing the progressives and independents as well as the Democratic base and that he remains firm and committed to the agenda set forth by him in his first State of the Union address. The news media pundits are circling like vultures and yet they have missed the real story and is still supplying the American public with lies and untruths. The real story is the GOP takeover in the house really changes nothing and the fight to bring legislation to the desk of the president remains with the majority leader of the Senate Mr. Reid. The Republicans and their newly insurgent tea party members really has not an epic chance of changing any portion of the universal health care bill or the financial legislation proposed by the administration and the Democratic Congress, the Republicans political gains will remain stagnet in political infighting tea party members already chomping at the bit to change the way the Republican Party does business. The old leadership remains firm and new members will find themselves being pushed to the rear of the bus. With the election of the new House Speaker who is already marred in controversy of accepting money from scam artists as well as his own district in revolt of his pledge not to pass the unemployment extensions, it clears the way for compromise. If the Republican Party hopes to make any gains in 2012. They cannot afford a defeatist attitude. They have shown in the last two sessions and the fight with the president must end. If there is to be a presidential bid by a well-known Republican. The independent voters as well as most conservatives are watching closely at how this new house power-sharing will take place if tea party members are not given a chance to steer the party back to it’s fiscal roots supposedly they stand no chance of a successful 2012 gain more or less they will lose the house and dropped to a small minority in the Senate. The Republican Party has not taken in account of the overwhelming joblessness in this nation. Only the conservative members of the Independents and conservatives, Republicans really care about the deficit to most American that are out of work and who have lost their homes are not so concerned about a deficit to them. There is a deficit in jobs and homelessness and a continuation of corporate outsourcing of jobs to countries that are not our allies in this global war on terrorism and that corporate America and the riches Americans are not true patriots no money. How much money they spend trying to project themselves the middle income and the poor in this nation as well as most independents have supported the president and the Democratic Congress even though the losses in this midterm dictate a rejection is not a rejection of individual but a rejection of policies from both parties. A continued squabbling at the highest level of government that is what the voters rejected if both parties are listening. The word is compromise or in this next election you will find your self sitting on the sidelines. The days of arrogance. and corporate America and the rich will come to an end in 2012. Millions of voters set out to midterm election, so be warned if there is no real change and change for the good for the American public. Most of the old bulls and the new ones will not be able to stand in their districts and ask to be sent back to Congress.

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