News media holding out on the public interest

This morning the national networks and the cable networks were flooded not with the pressing issues of the day, but with tabloid gossip about Charlie Sheen but little does the news media know most Americans are not concerned with Mr. Sheen’s actions.  Most Americans are more concerned with today’s pressing issues in political elections and whether or not this economy can be turned around for all Americans.  I guess you would say that there are those among us who are very rich and have little to that would be more fascinating to hear the gossip about Mr. Sheen but I’m not that fortunate and neither are most Americans the news media continue to say that Washington is out of control, but in reality it is not Washington.  It is the news media itself.  That is out of control like a drunken sailor.  Each news network having their own agenda.  And not always having the public interest at heart you find the news media pandering to a group mostly female, never taking the initiative to consider that male viewers are not concerned with tabloid gossip and this is not to demean women in any way the mornings news network shows are most based around women issues as the man don’t exist.  The editorial department of these networks should take a very close look at their product and try to reestablish a connection to the younger males in this country instead of pandering to one group the national networking news media and the cable network news media has a solemn duty to report all of the things that happened in the news and not skewer it to one segment of the population. 

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