Politics as usual and media that has fallen down

With all the uncertainty in the American economy this country finds itself in the midst of the most strangest election candidates that are so far right, they are being called extreme and ex-governor from Alaska that no one has questioned why the indigenous in her state is in a state of poverty but yet the news media is more concerned with scandal the Republican Party is secretly taking money from offshore foreign interests and the American public has the wool over their eyes.  Some are living in fear and most have just given up not knowing what to believe or what to do.  It reminds one of an invasion a invasion of an enemy that you can see, but you are unwilling to fight because the fear is to great but now you must choose a weapon.  The choice of weapons is that debate inside you to live with that fear or to go forward as America has always done unafraid of the future to move forward we must create the future set new goals for old enemies that have brought about our fears.  We must always remember that America is and always will be a nation that defies all fear and those who would try to weaken us.  The pride of this nation waves proudly in the wind
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