Talking about A national held hostage by the rich and political party



A national held hostage by the rich and political party

Once a nation that the World Revered and loved, America the beautiful we all sang the hems. We the people meant something to every child in school.Today our children live in a world of Game and make be leave, some can’t read or even know what the Constitution is and how it came to be. the great Americans  that gave their lives for liberty,. Our nation is torn between the future and the past, that is the question that is on every American mind. The rich and  Republican are the past a past of hate and control of we the people. American need only to look at our past to see the real truth it’s in our history books. Social issues rule our day and are the main weapons of the  rich and the republicans. American have given the world a light when all were dark, a dream to hold in their minds when word are forbidden. We most keep  the torch lit and not let one party speak for all Americans . We can move forward by counting on each other goodness and truth it is the strength of Americans that has made this nation .

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